Jennifer L. Routte, Partner

Jennifer L. Routte

Jennifer L. Routte

Jen grew-up in Gahanna in a family of small business owners. She grew up working in the small businesses owned by her family. Before going to law school, Jen worked as a project coordinator for her father’s commercial general contractor company for eight years. There she learned about construction methods, how to read drawings, learned about construction safety and every other aspect of general construction.

These experiences give her a unique understanding of the struggles of small business owners and construction law.

During law school Jen enjoyed being in the court room. She participated in moot court and other practical classes. Jen’s first several years of practice focused primarily on civil litigation. She handled contract disputes, personal injury cases, assisted with medical malpractice cases, was involved in complex trust litigation, construction defect cases, real estate disputes, appellate cases, and much more.

However, she realized that good planning and a small investment up front would help people avoid much of the litigation.

In 2012, Jen began changing her focus to preventing litigation by helping her clients with drafting contracts, deeds, leases, settlement agreements, and properly forming businesses. She realized that in our complicated fast pace world, there is a general business to life and everyone should know their legal rights to it.

Jen enjoys helping her clients build a solid foundation to grow their lives. Jen developed her skills in estate planning and probate matters, as well as real estate. She wants to help people. Through Routte Law, Jen is merging all of her experience into one firm. She wants to help her clients plan to prevent litigation, while also being ready to fight in court when needed.

Jen wants to help her clients build their wealth and protect the assets they have through proper estate planning. Lastly, she wants to help her clients by finding creative solutions and making them whole again after they have been injured by a breach of contract, an auto accident, or any situation that caused them harm.