What to Look for When Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Gahanna, Ohio

Family law can be both complicated and stressful. Whether it is a divorce, child custody case or some other family matter, you need to make sure you have the appropriate legal representation. To help, below is a list of certain things you should look for when hiring a family law attorney:

1. Experience in Family Law

Many lawyers have a general practice and take on all kinds of cases. While they may be skilled at what they do, they may also not be an expert in all fields of the law. What you want to look for instead is someone who focuses on family law. Such an attorney will have a far stronger working knowledge of the legal concepts involved, legal precedence and family law case history for that jurisdiction.

2. Experience

However, knowledge of family law is not enough. You need to hire an attorney that has plenty of experience defending clients in family law cases. For example, you may want to ask an attorney how many divorce cases they have handled over the course of their career. Experience in your specific jurisdiction is also important. Experience in a jurisdiction can allow a lawyer to predict the behavior of certain judges and tailor their arguments accordingly.

3. Recommendations

It is certain that an attorney will only talk about their own track record in positive terms. To help you in your search, you should seek out some kind of verification to make sure they are as trustworthy as they appear. One way to do so is by speaking to past clients about their experiences with an attorney. This can provide you with some valuable information.

4. Appropriate Temperament

Lastly, you should consider an attorney’s temperament. If your first impression isn’t very positive, it is doubtful they are thought of highly by important figures in the legal arena including judges and court workers. You need to find someone who is going to be able to do the best job possible to represent you or your family members in court. The correct temperament includes being personable, charismatic and serious about their profession, while still being someone you can relate to.

Other Family Law Practice areas:

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce
    • Negotiation
    • Settlement
    • Contested
    • Uncontested with hearings scheduled in our office
  • Dissolution
    • Negotiation
    • Settlement
    • Divorce where everyone agrees on the terms
    • Final hearings scheduled in our office