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What does it mean to have a lawyer for life?

It means we are there when you need us.

Often times when you need an attorney, it is because you are going through some change of life event. Sometimes these events are your own doing and for good reason like starting a business, purchasing real estate, entering into a prenuptial agreement, or planning the best ways to preserve your wealth and dispose of your assets at your death.

Sometimes these events are because of someone else like a death in the family, being injured in an accident, the need for a divorce, a breach of a contract, or any other situation that requires legal help. Whatever your situation, we can help.

We handle many areas of law including estate planning like drafting wills, trusts, and powers of attorneys; probate after a loved one has died; small business law including proper formation, contracts, negotiations, employee handbooks, and succession planning; real estate law for handling for sale by owner contracts, reviewing your real estate deals before closing, attending closing, drafting leases, commercial lease negotiation and drafting, commercial real estate purchases; construction law; and family law including divorces, dissolution’s, and custody disputes.

We find that all of these practice areas tend to overlap with each other. For instance, a business owner will need small business law, but also good estate planning and often legal work for real estate deals. That same person may also need a probate attorney and could need family law legal work. By having an established relationship, the attorney knows you, your background, and your life and can serve you more efficiently and effectively. Our ultimate goal is to accomplish just that.

Relationship Based Legal Representation

We want to be a resource for you and build a lifelong relationship to help with all of your legal needs, now and years down the road. The wealthiest people in this country have a team of lawyers working for them. We want to help everyone else have that same advantage.

We want our clients feeling comfortable to call and talk to us without being afraid of how much they are getting billed. We try to structure most matters on a flat fee basis where you will know exactly how much our services will cost you ahead of time. We always give a free initial consultation because we believe that you do not know if you truly need an attorney until you have talked to one.

Whether you are planning for retirement, planning for your children’s futures, investing in real estate, building a business, or working with any sort of contract, an attorney whom you have a strong relationship with and understands your greater goals for your life is an asset to your success. We want to be that asset.

How much does it cost to have a lawyer for life?

We structure most of our work as flat fees including all estate planning documents like wills, trusts, and powers of attorneys. Most business documents are also prepared on a flat fee basis.

Your first consultation is always free and we will discuss our fees with you during that consultation.

We want you to always feel comfortable with our representation. That starts with good communication about our fees and your expectations at your initial consultation.